30 Days Wild #30dayswild

Had 2 poorly children this week so I’ve been dealing with sick instead of updating our 30 Days Wild challenge. So here’s a roundup of the last five days or so! We’ve been to the beach and played in the water, scavenged for shells and seaweed and found fish eggs. We’ve done insect hunts in the backgarden and had picnics and days out playing in different parks around where we live. We’ve made clay creatures and read books about planting trees. We’ve made pictures and cookies and dressed up and had fun with boxes and made home made slim, had bass guitar lessons from  daddy and had fun playing with our cousin Ava 😍😍😍 it’s been a busy week!


30 Days Wild (Day 20) #30dayswild

Playing in the mud kitchen at Minnie’s school before we were kicked out a whole 8 minutes after the children started to come out (apparently 4 year old Minnie knows we don’t play in the playground after school, even thought at least 5 other children were also still playing and weren’t asked to leave) I’m a little annoyed 😂😂

Anyway, afterwards we went to the woods and collected pine cones and twigs to make some pictures 😀

30 Days Wild (Day 18)

Day 18 was about playing in the nature around us. Experiencing the sights, smells, sounds and textures around us. We rustled the tree branches that had been cut down and pretended to trees and rolled round in the sand.

30 Days Wild (Day 17) #30dayswild

Today we’ve been exploring the nature in our own backyard. We’ve had our first teeny tiny strawberries grow and our chives, onions and flowers are going strong! We found more snails and a big worm, so we found some nice safe places to put them all and talked about being gentle and careful with all living things

30 Days Wild (Day 15) #30dayswild

Today was all about camp fire furniture and cooking on the fire! A nice way to mark the half way point for 30 Days Wild. Built my first large scale camp furniture today – a washing and food prep station.  It’s pretty unbelievable what you can make with some wood and twine! Also had the pleasure of eating some amazing camp fire meals today. Baked our own bread over the fire and dipped it in to camembert, then mixed vegetables and cheese fajita wraps, finishing with a double pudding of pancakes and triple berry crumble bombs and custard. 

I’m hungry just thinking about it

30 Days Wild (Day 14) #30dayswild

Today was my first forest school assessment day and it was hard work!! Managed to squeeze in putting up a shelter; 5 different knots; lighting, maintaining and putting out a fire, 3 creations made from natural resources; cleaning and maintaining tools; a tool talk; a site sweep and ‘leaving no trace’. I think that’s everything! Correct PPE too, forgot that one. I can genuinely say I put blood, sweat and tears in to it 😂😂

I made a mallet, which was a nightmare! I’d chosen a piece of wood with big knots inside and it was a real challenge. I got there, eventually! 

I also made a cookie, my plan was to turn it in to a face made from natural resources, I probably should have used some clay to secure the face in place though.

Finally, I made a loom and collected lots of leaves, feathers and seeds to weave through it. It turned out far better than I intended.